Years of experience: 30
Position: President & CEO

Ms. MorganWeschenfelder established Texas Integrated Technologies, LLC to provide business consulting that navigates the edge of technology.  She enjoys projects that leverage her understanding of how to decompose processes, analyze them to determine necessary improvements and bring together data sources and components across organizations.   Her interpersonal and problem solving skills shine when approached with a particularly complex problem that must be reduced to simplest terms.


TO teach organizations how to create a technology culture that works and sustains growth.

We strive to help business owners develop a solid technology integration strategy so they can be successful. We work with organizational leaders to improve sales, productivity and organization through the use of technology that fits a company's unique culture.

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Sheila morgan

Years of experience: 35
Position: COO

Ms. Morgan has an education in radiology technology and has managed a successful small business for 28 years.  Her heart has always been with her mammogram patients and giving back to her community in random acts of faith and kindness.  She relishes getting to the root of an issue and her dedication compels her through intense attention to detail and follow up.

Marjorie birkey

Years of experience: 26
Position: CFO

Ms. Birkey is a Registered Nurse and brings a wealth of skill and experience to the Texas Integrated Technologies, LLC team.  Her ability to keenly and rapidly assess a situation and respond in the most efficient and direct protocol coupled with her pre-nursing background in accounting and finance make her presence on our board indispensable.